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Media Production Permit Information

No person shall use any public or private property, building, facility, or residence of producing, taking or making any motion picture, television production or photographic production without first applying for and receiving a Media Production Permit. This information is necessary to process a request for a film/television production permit from McIntosh County, GA. A permit is required for any filming activity taking place within McIntosh County, whether on public or private property. For filming entirely contained on private property, this is merely a formality; however, notification using the county’s permit application form is required nonetheless.

Please fill in all of the blanks, using none or not applicable where necessary. Return a completed copy of this application and all other required documentation either via US mail to PO Box 584, Darien, GA 31305, or in-person to: 1200 North Way, Darien, GA 31305 at least 10 working days in advance before the filming activity takes place. All permits are issued on a first come first-served basis.

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